With a network of thousands of overseas and domestic factories, Forever After has the ability to source or manufacture anything, including plastics, metals, electronics, wearables, plush.....You name it!!! The only limit is your imagination. However, with Forever After as your creative source....your imagination will have no limitation!!!

Unlike the lengthy production times of some of our competitors, our production times and delivery on many of our overseas products, only take 40-75 days. We will manage all aspects of the import process, including negotiations, financial, customs, duties, quality control and shipping. All you need to do....is put your trust in us!!!

We are uniquely positioned to assist your company like no other marketing / promotions company on this or any other planet. In today's marketplace of millions of products and choices, it has become even more important to create products that hit the pulse of your specific audience. We specialize in creating innovative marketing alternatives that will help you accomplish that exact objective. We understand the demographics and psychographics of your customers, as well as your commitment to provide superior value for your customer’s investment.

Please use the contact/comments section below to give us as much information about your project as you can. A list of examples is given below.

  • maximum budget per unit
  • approximate number of units
  • demographics of the group who will receive the idea
  • theme of the event or project
  • what is the goal of this project
  • date ideas needed in hands
  • is special packaging needed
  • final destination of items
  • who will distribute the ideas
  • any other information you feel will help please give us as many details as possible.